Paradigm Shift Effect:What Attitudes are Contagious

Drenched once more with a set of underlying thoughts, I find myself legs crossed in terminal 2F in CDG Airport with my notebook open to what I relentlessly have to scribble.

Solely for the sake of satisfying demand, one arrives to the point of maintaining a mediocre life . After personal inspection and latest observation throughout my timeout from Beirut this year (yearly 1 month time out), it seemingly began to drill into my hetrocultural wits that not only are viral and bacterial disease contagious, but so are the ways of acquiring seismic life changing teachings. With no intentional control from the infector and receiver, both share their paradigms of experienced perceptions. What are the logics of the energy which builds around you alone, me here sitting solo, and you after reading this post. Preceding that, what is the energy transmitted from you to the people around you? Is your paradigm of life’s miraculous facets contagious? Can you spread a new attitude after acquiring a long awaited, never thought of gift?
Parting the tangibility and nerve wrecking entourage I find myself overwhelmed with at one point every year, I had set off this time with an obsolete figuration of my trip’s entitlements- no clue of the emotional & life manipulating givens which would take place.

I now bring back home with me the “Getting real” syndrome; seeing the beauty and the sparkly everlasting estimates of life’s aspects. There exists a high motive to engage this syndrome with my surrounding community. After realizing that life’s uncertainties can only accumulate to be insurmountable difficulties when not faced, and only polished to fit one’s status quo, these ugly aspects of life can only deprive your paradigm from getting the taste of what this galaxy sends us every from a range of exceptionally beautiful gifting.
Be Remarkable at any given time: Not when you think it’s the right time, but whenever you assume or know you have something daring to say- say it. To your friends, your sister, even your college. Entice the people around you by showing your enticement.
Be an Original Extremist: Reach the far end of what you have discovered- explore the foundation of an emotional or psychological realization. Test yourself with what may trigger you. If you think you’re allergic to apples, then eat apples all day and see if it gets to going berserk! And if it does then you might’ve found out what you always thought would never hurt you was all along there. Also with the people who you care about you- if you cannot find out what really pushes your buttons then just get it over with and find out.

Be Smelly: Not the B.O. kind of smelly- but just leave an impression in people’s minds. It’s better to leave a neutral one then to not have left an impression at all. Be a reference point, crack a joke, be fairly yet correctly sarcastic, give a true compliment (if those pairs of jeans looked bad, don’t say they looked otherwise- that’s just mean), and promote your positive thinking.

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  • That’s some really good advice Rasha.

    Loved this: “Be Remarkable at any given time” And I agree. I think you can’t say “I wanna change the world” if you don’t start with the ones closest to you first: your friends, parents, brothers n sisters. Start with those so that you move to a larger scale of positive influence.

  • me like

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