Life in a 50lbs Bag. To Jubilant Possibilities

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California, San Diego, La Jolla 2008, August week one. That house standing blissfully on that cliff facing the rocky seashore, how spectacular of a home it would be. Paradise for the eyes.
NYC, Thursday September 17th 2009, walking down fourteen blocks to the office everyday could not mean but happy sour feet- a joy with every step. Life has become an arena of possibilities.
Montreal, Wednesday June 30th 2010, 10:15 pm, it’s been a good deal of time since I last felt this genuinely ecstatic. Life meets joviality.
New Jersey North Brunswick July 5th 3:31 a.m., now, another place where possibilities are restless in my head. A comforting condition.
NYC, Sunday July 4th 2010. Honey I’m home! A Jungle for eccentric accomplishments.

Clutching to juvenile surroundings, memorably belongings, distinctive human idols and past blueprints are to some people justifiable alibis of having established a worthy promenade. Some quote: ‘I have everything I need here where I am’. But looking at it dichotomously, or the other way around- If you have everything you need, don’t all those materialistic and ego satisfactory ‘hold on tos’ prohibit your mobility? That would only mean one’s maneuverability could easily dispatch from life’s thriving purpose to explore, define, and exuberate,;getting intimate with the world’s immense provocative possibilities. Loosing the purpose for venturing takes place when one chooses to cling to ‘already having all I need’ ?

I recited those dates above because those where substantial moments I thought to myself ‘My life is now in one 50 lbs bag; the physical necessities, and my raging insides couldn’t settle for mediocrity’ – I was surely thriving for more. Being skeptical of ‘back home’s’ intentions, I could not resign to the lost chances of attaining the mere alluring delicacies of what those places had given me- Nothing could proximately convince my deranged wits that change is unsatisfying. Change is the rush beneath an unwitting mastership. I will not see the day when mediocrity knocks on my doors, or even becomes an ingredient in one of my fridge magnets “Patience is Virtue, Settle for what you have, look at the full cup”

Change, adaptation, then change again and adaptation. Would that define instability? Or is it just because it is perceived that everything which is different, means that everything has changed.
One bag with 50 lbs of physical cravings is all what it could fit. The emotional bondage, memories, values, taboos, cultural belonging, ideological personification, blood reviving bindings, mosaic childhood fragments and my momentum to become readily tamed by change was there and couldn’t fit any universe.
When packing this 50lbs bag, think of wherever your mind could extensively wander with attainable possibilities, where the solid heart corners fiddle with the hope of being who you want to be as many as you could- where jubilant possibilities are limitless.

Relentless to say, when the thriving will skips with your heart’s palpitations, that 50 lbs bag would then mean goose egg!

Change, adapt…Then Change again- it’s no shame to pick up and just leave for change.

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  • Great article, If you remember the study of the seven star markets: it is the journey that count not the destination…enjoy the journey.

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