An Executive Wonder Woman in a Bedrock Society

She kicks off her 5 inch heels after 11 hours of hard labor, next to her still warmly moist shoes on the floor, are her husband’s coat, shoes, lunch box and scarf also lying on the floor, she calmly asks “So you just got here also (she suspects when seeing this juvenile behavior), any chance you picked up some dinner on your way?” and by ‘chance’ she would be praying to all the 7 mighty gods that for once he would say ‘Yes’

Can any woman ask this question when enduring the same negative demeanors, anxiety enabled business decisions and responsibility stakes to her spouse at the end of a normal working day? Are working women expected to fill their household roles when maintaining an executive high demanding job? Do advertising women, financial analysts, digital planners and female corporation founders fall back in satisfying their children and husbands while successfully captivating every sense of their business and intellectual trajectory? Does missing out on driving our kids to school every day in the 21st century make us women bad mothers? Do those times still exist where warm dinner would be associated with a wife? Are women expected to drop their career talents, dreams and plans after that ring slides on the left finger?

To retain warm food on a table, or attain a strived for career? A solid boundless debate around what women are expected to be doing in this late 21st century.

The role of women worldwide went through a dramatic change. Women today share the podium with men in almost all fields, be it kitchen or in defense…

In past times, resorting to our grandparents, the traditional role of a wife was to be staying raising children, managing the home, and helping her husband in his tasks. The Bible also indicates this, not as a command but as an instruction. Within the home a wife could exercise her abilities and skills to help her husband and her children as we see in the classical description of an ‘excellent wife’ in the Bible. The husband was the one who worked to provide for the family, protect them and lead them.

The 21st century woman is a kind of a wonder woman, who somehow manages to juggle taking care of the family and working so hard at her executive position in that multinational company. People ponder, wonder and bask in her glow of achievement, but do we ever look closely, does the male gender ever examine?

Despite the word out about how evolving marriage relationships have become when dealing with balancing a home and a career, nevertheless I can clearly say that Lebanon is still dispersed in its bedrock 20st century aura- a daughter’s family does not acknowledge that overnights at the office for a pitch due in two days is normal “doesn’t your boss know you’re a girl and you need to get back home early” – Seriously? Or have you heard that a male partner (before saying ‘ I Do’) asks a his lady to reshuffle her working hours from 9-6 when they decide to tie the knot. Does commitment add pressure to women’s roller coaster life?

A close girl friend of mine got married a few months ago, her husband nailed a job which requires much traveling. She sits and wonders what if she hadn’t gotten married and went off thriving her long awaited job at a global agency. Instead now, she makes sure to come back home at 6 PM when he’s in town, and when he’s not, well she day dreams about her lost dream job. Today the bedrock inhibitors call it compromise and conviction. Well if woman are solely working to supplement their social status then compromise might/should occur. However when both spouses NEED to combine two salaries to ensure a well off, and sustainable living, is it legit to ask or expect ones husband to take on the 3 roles of a husband, a father and a house husband?

Women are at least half of the workforce and control more than 50 percent of the world’s wealth. They need to start using this power to influence the world around them. To educate their spouses and raise a new generation were both spouses need to balance a career and a home if both are required to sustain solid hectic careers.

When finally acknowledged, influence has a surprisingly positive effect on how equal economic & social power between men and women could make us into a fairer, happier, and more productive society. What is happening for the rest of the women in the workforce and in their homes? More importantly, should women be on the lookout for their future career when they are on the verge of raising a family and entering the not so single zone?

Here are some interesting facts to consider when looking at the evolution of working women between the 1950 and 1998:
63.3 percent of women age 16 to 24 worked in 1998 versus 43.9 percent in 1950.
76.3 percent of women age 25 to 34 worked in 1998 versus 34.0 percent in 1950.
77.1 percent of women age 35 to 44 worked in 1998 versus 39.1 percent in 1950.

Women live with a never-ending to-do list, and the pressure to get that list under control triggers stress. How do we manage our time, and how involved should our partners be? If you had to choose between a solid career or balancing between a career and a family, what would you chose ?!

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  • Excellent post, as a man i do appreciate more what is said here and what is said is sad and true

  • Love it!!!!! Reminds me of people I know…Looking forward for more posts.

  • Thank you Manhal and Dina.
    I will make sure to tackle this issue in depth in the future…

  • It’s a little difficult to know exactly the point of this post. You’re saying it’s difficult to combine career and family? Well surely you are aware that this issue has been quite widely discussed for say the past 50 years? What is it you think you are saying that hasn’t been already said ad infinitum?

    As for choosing between a career or a family, again that is just repeating what has been said a trillion times already: you can’t have it all. Either a career or a family.

    So again I ask you what is the point of this post?

  • Thank you for having the curiosity :-)

    I guess you missed this part when I mentioned:
    “To retain warm food on a table, or attain and reach out for a dream career? A solid boundless debate around what women are expected to be doing in this late 21st century.” It is an endless debate- and the objective is to continue the debate, to provoke people’s intelligence and put a question mark on those like me and others who are juggling with so much in their lives.

    Sometimes you can have the right proportion of both a career and a wonderful family. Are you a working mom, a married man or a single woman/man? I would love to know so I can get inspired.

    Remember, its good to wonder and ponder sometimes, the freedom of expression is fundamental in order make this world a better place for everyone

    Cheers :-)

  • I would (re-)chose balancing between both, Rasha. This indeed implies lots of compromises & sacrifices – yet at the end it is more challanging and rewarding.

    “Solifiying” the career may take longer – but it can always be achieved if we want to.

  • Hello Rania,

    I like the way you put.
    We at this age and with the accelerating demands of our rising careers, we tend to pause and think what if we could “re-choose” to do things differently.
    This pause sometimes triggers such in depth thoughts & we realize we just need to begin setting our priorities, and sometimes its hard to put your career 1st when you have so much waiting for you at home.

    If time machines existed they’d be a solution to a lot of people I’m sure.

    Thank you Rania

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